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Skypark is an extraordinary mountain adventure park, the only one of its kind in Russia.
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Skypark is an extraordinary mountain adventure park, the only one of its kind in Russia.  The park is a joint Russian-New Zealand project, designed by AJ Hackett International, the pioneers of bungee jumping.

The park is located in Sochi National Park (along the way to Krasnaya Polyana) in a scenic location in the Akhshtyrskoe gorge of the Mzymta river valley. The park is located in an old-growth forest where Colchian boxwood, jasmine, Pontian rhododendron, and other rare plants grow.

The centerpiece of the park is occupied by the Skybridge, the world's longest suspended footbridge, with a length of 439 meters. Everyone can have an exciting walk across the bridge and enjoy splendid panoramic views from a height of 207 meters: on one side are the Caucasus mountains and on the other, the Black Sea coast.

Skypark also includes the Mowgli Adventure Rope Park, observation platforms with spectacular views, an interactive museum of bungee jumping, an 18-meter-high artificial climbing wall with an area of 1,200 square meters, an amphitheater hosting concerts and festivals, and a restaurant on the edge of a canyon.

For real thrill-seekers, Skypark offers high thrill-rides created by AJ Hackett International.  Skypart has one of the highest bungee jumping platforms in the world, at 207 meters and 69 meters. There is also the world's highest swing (SochiSwing, 170 meters), and MegaTroll, a 700-meter zip wire on which you can reach speeds up to 150 kilometers per hour.

Accompanied by professional guides, park visitors can climb up the specially designed via ferrata (metal ladder along a cliff) to the Liana cave or go canyoning along the picturesque Dzyhra river.

BUNGY 69 is a jump at a height of 69 meters from a special platform located at the beginning of the SkyBridge. The platform allows jumpers to execute over 10 different kinds of bungee jumps, from classic head-first jumps to more daring ones with bicycles and other equipment.

There are jumps suitable for everyone — from novices making their first jump to experienced thrill-seekers rushing toward adrenaline buzz regardless of the time of year.

The platform offers an incredible view of the Mzymta river valley, the Akhshtyrskoe valley, and the Black Sea coast.

Designed by the pioneers of bungee jumping, Bungy 207 is the highest bungee platform in Russia. Bungee jumps are performed from a height of 207 meters from a special platform located in the center of the SkyBridge, the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world. The platform is securely protected from precipitation and wind.

SochiSwing is not your typical playground swing.  SochiSwing is the highest swing in the world, rising 170 meters into the sky. The incredible pendulum-like flight over the gorge is done over a closed platform at the beginning of the SkyBridge. The swing accelerates at an incredible rate, taking riders 500 meters, from one side of the gorge to the other, in just a few seconds.

The ambitious bridge project was jointly developed by Russian and New Zealand architects. The design and survey work took three years to complete.  Construction lasted for two years. More than 740 tons of metalwork and 2,000 cubic meters of concrete were used in the construction of the bridge. The SkyBridge is designed to comply with safety standards, and surpass them: the bridge is able to withstand hurricane-force winds, rain, snow, ice, and earthquakes with a magnitude up to 9.0.

The viaferrata route («Sky») leads to a small but beautiful cave located in a cliff wall of the left bank of Mzymta river in Akhshtyrskoe gorge. The route has two parts: a slowly descending, almost horizontal part, and a difficult vertical part that is equipped with steps to make it easier to ascend and descend.  The main part of the route is shaded from the sun by the unusual landscape and the numerous vines hanging from the cliffs.  The coolnes inside the caves is a welcome relief from the warm summer weather.

In Mowgli rope park, after crossing the longest suspension bridge in the world, visitors tour through the mysterious Colchian forest into the Liana cave located on a cliff. In the shade of the reserve forest, various routes have been laid between the trees with obstacles that will return any adult to childhood.

Ministry of Resorts, Tourism, and Olympic Heritage of Krasnodar Krai / https://kurortkuban.ru/

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