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Back in the days, in place of the modern Tambov Cathedral Square there was an open area in front of the main fortress gate.

The Cathedral Square

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Back in the days, in place of the modern Tambov Cathedral Square there was an open area in front of the main fortress gate. It was the place where general formations and musters of the fortress defenders were held.

In 1694, bishop St. Pitirim founded the oldest Tambov church — Transfiguration Cathedral. After the construction was over, the square as well as the church itself were called Pitirim square and cathedral. Until the beginning of the 19th century right next to the cathedral there was a wooden bell tower built under the first Tambov voivode Roman Boborykin. In 1811, the bell tower was rebuilt in stone. The tall three-level bell tower with a dome on top was demolished in the Soviet times. In 2011-2013, the beautiful bell tower was restored. In 2014, on the 100th anniversary of canonization, there was a monument to prelate Pitirim erected.

The city park was arranged to the right from the square. Today, the area of the city park is taken by the Central park of Сulture and Recreation — Amusement Park.

In 1786, a two-storey brick building of post office was built next to the square, nearby the Great Astrakhan road. At present, one of the flanks of the post office faces the Cathedral Square. Tambov post office was one of the first offices in Russia used as a regular post service. The post office was also meant to be a temporary accommodation and rest of passing coachmen. Behind the building there used to be large stables and barns for the carriages. Possibly, many famous and outstanding personalities of the past could have passed Tambov post office on their way to their final destination. One of the celebrities was A. N. Radishchev, the Russian novelist, who passed The Main Road station on his way to Saratov province. The main architectural value of the building is in the fact that it is still used for its initial purpose. Near the entrance into the post office there is a milestone installed that informs the passers-by about the distance to Moscow — 448 verst (716.8 km).

The monument “Eternal Flame” sits in the center of the square. On May, 9th, 1970, on the 25th anniversary of the Great Victory over the fascist aggressors, the memorial of Everlasting Glory to Tambov soldiers who gave their lives away during the war years was opened. The monument was erected according to Tambov sculptors’ project — S. E. Lebedev and K. Y. Malofeyev. In the center of the memorial there is a five-point star made of cast bronze that serves as a base for the flame of Everlasting Glory. The writing on the gray granite around it says: “In blessed memory of the Tambovians who gave their lives for our Motherland in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, May, 9th, 1970”. Several steps lead to the flame. The monument has a round shape. Four marble columns support the granite ring on the inside of which there are engraved soldiers’ faces and words: “They gave their lives for the sake of people’s happiness. Grateful progeny will never forget them. The memory of them will live through the centuries” and more: “People, bow your heads in blessed memory of the heroes. They did not spare their lives for your happiness. May their names be immortal”.

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